Unforgettable Culinary 
Experience: The Artful 
Harmony of Sake Pairing

Kanazawa is often likened to a smaller Kyoto, but I disagree. What makes it unique is the special Japanese wine, sake, paired with delightful local cuisine. Sake is Japanese wine fermented from rice, water, koji, and yeast, and then brewed, resulting in diverse flavors. Kanazawa’s renowned sake, which is crafted with water from the sacred Hakusan mountain and rice from the finest rice fields in Japan, pairs with local cuisine to elevate the experience, much like wine pairing.
y experience at Makoto Sake Bar was simply incredible, with delightful dishes that were perfectly paired with seasonal sake to enhance the natural flavors. Meet Okami-san, a skilled sake sommelier (Kikizake-shi), who first served me Yamahai Junmai Nomikiri Genshu sake (Kikuhime sake brewery), paired perfectly with slices of cucumber, mayo, and miso, creating a refreshing blend. Soda-paired sake awakened my taste buds with its enriching flavor, while miso and mayo added a delightful sweet and salty touch. Next, the sommelier presented Nigori-shu, which is a cloudy, lightly sparkling sake, specifically Fukumasamune Junmai Nigori-shu Shiroki sake (Fukumitsu-ya sake brewery). This was paired with beef and tofu soy sauce stew, which had undergone a fascinating two-layered fermentation process using yeast. The sweet sake perfectly complemented the stew. Two cups with different layers intensified the unforgettable experience. To end on a warm note, I savored some hot sake, Ura-Manzairaku (Kobori sake brewery), with Kanazawa’s unique oden.The strong and bold sake provided comforting warmth, harmonizing with the exquisite oden. This delightful pairing is perfect for winter, offering relaxation and the joy of savoring the mild oden taste. 
Truly heartwarming! I wholeheartedly believe that the art of pairing Japanese cuisine with Kanazawa’s sake creates an unforgettable taste and experience, and I would strongly encourage you to give it a shot.

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Sake Bar Makoto

1-5-3 Higashiyama, Kanazawa
Monday 11:30-16:00 / Wednesday-Sunday 11:30-20:00; closed Tuesdays