Discover the defining characteristics of ‘sake’ made in Kanazawa / Ishikawa! 

Japanese sake is made mainly from rice and water and is produced through a complicated fermentation process. The tastes of sake vary depending on the climate of the production area, the brewery’s traditions as well as the brand. We will introduce you to a selection of unique sake breweries based in Kanazawa and Ishikawa, along with their popular brands.

KAGATSURU [Kanazawa]

This brewery dates back to the time when the founder moved with the first lord of the Kaga domain from present-day Nagoya City to Kanazawa. With the brewery’s motto: “Sake brewing starts with rice production,” they mainly make sake using rice grown by local farmers. The brand name, Kagatsuru, was given by the feudal lord, and the product range includes the popular daiginjo and junmai-shu.

(8-32 Ohimachi)
Phone: 076-252-7077

SHIRAGIKU [Wajima City]

The founder went into sake brewing at the end of the Edo period.
Now, a ninth-generation couple carefully brews sake that is only available in limited production numbers.
With a refined sweetness of rice, Okunoto no Shiragiku is loved by locals and has won several awards in international competitions. 

(24 Kamimachi, Fugeshimachi)
Phone: 0768-22-2115

IKEZUKI [Nakanoto Town]

Toriya Shuzo Brewing is a small brewing facility located in the Noto Peninsula. The locals’ favorite sake, Ikezuki has a natural taste and goes well with Japanese cuisine. Small production runs make it rare and valuable. The brand was named after a prominent horse from Noto, which was ridden by Minamoto-no Yoritomo, who established Japan's first shogunate (military government).

(Ke-96 Hitoto)
Phone: 0767-74-0013

SOGEN [Suzu City]

Sogen Shuzo Brewing was established in 1768 and is known as the origin of Noto Toji, a group of skilled brewers who have their roots in Noto.
Currently led by a master brewer who has 40 years’ experience in the industry, this brewery produces Sogen sake, which has rich flavors with a refined, mellow mouthfeel.

(24-22 Sogen, Horyumachi)
Phone: 0768-84-1314

KAGATOBI [Kanazawa]

Founded in 1625, Fukumitsuya is a sake brewery with the longest history in Kanazawa.
Without adding any alcohol during the brewing process, they make sake using only rice and water, along with the power of nature.
The Kagatobi brand is popular for its crisp and dry mouthfeel with an umami flavor - sake’s lifeline.

(2-8-3 Ishibiki)
Phone: 076-223-1161

KENKYUSHO [Komatsu City]

Mr. Naohiko Noguchi, known as the “God of Brewing” is one of Japan's most famous Noto Toji (master brewers). Two years after his retirement, he returned to work at the age of 84. At a new sake brewing facility that was completed in 2017, he mentors seven young members to pursue an ideal sake that indulges taste buds and refreshingly goes down the throat.

(Wa-1-1, Kanagasomachi)

JOKIGEN [Kaga City]

Kano Syuzo grows its own rice, although in a small amount, and makes sake using the rice and the spring water flowing from Mt. Hakusan.
If you are used to drinking sake, select one made using the “Yamahai-jikomi” method among the Jokigen range.
The strong and rich taste goes well with both Japanese and Western cuisine.

(i-6 Yokaichimachi)
Phone: 0761-74-1551


Founded in the early 19th century, Nakamura Brewing is a sake brewery certified as an organic manufacturer, along with a few other brewers in Japan.
Kanazawa Nakamuraya is a new sake brand produced by the long-established brewery, which only uses rice and yeast grown in Kanazawa.
Their refined, aromatic sake with a crisp flavor can be enjoyed with a meal.

(3-2-15 Nagadohe)
Phone: 076-248-2435

TEDORIGAWA [Hakusan City]

Tedorigawa, produced by Yoshida Shuzoten, is always mentioned as one of the most popular local sake.
The brand was named after the river that flows through the Kaga Plain, where the brewery is located, and brings the blessings of nature, which is indispensable to the brewing of sake.
Chefs favor this sake as it complements any food.

(41 Yasuyoshimachi)
Phone: 076-276-3311

KIKUHIME [Hakusan City]

Kikuhime is a sake brewery located at the foot of Mt. Hakusan, as well as the name of the sake brewed using water flowing from Mt. Hakusan.
Based on a relationship of trust with the production area of Yamada Nishiki, the best sake rice in Japan, they purchase and polish the highest quality rice for the production of all sake.

(Ta-8 Tsurugishinmachi)
Phone: 076-272-1234

MANZAIRAKU [Hakusan City]

Kobori Shuzo has been making sake for over 300 years.
The full-flavored, crystal clear Manzairaku is brewed at two places: a historic facility located in a corner of Tsurugi, the quarter of Shirayama Hime Shrine, and a modern facility that was completed in 2001.
Both the umeshu (plum infused sake) and the seishu (refined sake) are popular.

(1-Wa 47 Tsurugihonmachi)
Phone: 076-273-1171

TENGUMAI [Hakusan City]

In the 1970s, the Yamahai-jikomi method was established in the Tengumai style, aiming for a tasteful, crisp sake.
Since then, many Tengumai sake have been made using this method.
A great deal of time is spent to let the sake that has been carefully brewed mature.
It will then turn a beautiful, bright yellow with a deep flavor.

(60-1 Bomarumachi)
Phone: 076-275-1165