It’s close to Kanazawa.
A one-day excursion
is possible.

You might consider that Kaga, Hakusan, and Komatsu cities are faraway places to visit. But how long do you think it will take from Kanazawa? From Kanazawa Station to Matto Station of Hakusan City by JR Railway, it’s just a 10-minute train ride, and to Komatsu Station, it’s about 30 minutes. If you have a JR Rail Pass, you can cut short a 40-minute trip to 25 by using an express train between Kanazawa and Kaga-Onsen stations.
There is not only the railway, but also route buses between Kanazawa and Hakusan or Kaga cities. Just so you know, each of the cities has its internal, local buses cover its districts. You might have to jump onto one of those to get to the attractive destination efficiently.

Ishikawa’s distinguished
hot springs
are worth a visit.

Southern Ishikawa has many more hot spring towns than Kanazawa. In each of the towns, cuisine inns line the street. Yamanaka Onsen has a quaint atmosphere with the isolation that others don’t. Yamashiro Onsen maintains close access to Kaga City’s cultural spots. Katayamazu Onsen features its unique location along Lake Shibayamagata. Awazu Onsen is known for having the world’s second oldest inn. Ichirino Onsen is located next to a ski resort at the bottom of Mt. Hakusan. Go relax in one of the hot springs, and enjoy an excellent meal while you unwind in a Japanese yukata robe. Don’t forget to dip in the hot water one more time before breakfast! This is the way to spend time in Japan’s hot spring towns!

Wide-ranging cuisine:
from seafood
to mountain veggies.

Southern Ishikawa is blessed by both the Sea of Japan and Mt. Hakusan. Consequently, you will come upon simple but unique dishes full of natural flavor. From seafood to mountain veggies, wide-ranging cuisine is waiting for you. In Hakusan City, for example, we recommend river fish, mountain vegetables, or buckwheat noodles. Meanwhile, Komatsu City is best known for their beloved B-grade food, such as fried or udon noodles. Kaga has featured duck meat cuisine since ancient times, and fancy seafood cuisine is also a specialty of their city. When travelling around the world, doesn’t food play such an important role in one’s enjoyment?

A rich diversity
of activities
will never bore you.

These three cities in Southern Ishikawa are by far the best places to enjoy a variety of cultural experiences, and to be involved in outdoor sports in the middle of Mother Nature. You are advised to hop from one activity to another within the burgeoning craft scene that includes a variety of pottery making and glazing, wooden bowl curving, and lacquerware to name a few.
Although often overshadowed by Ishikawa’s gate city, Kanazawa, southern Ishikawa is understated in that they have much more beautiful nature that encourages more outdoor activities throughout the year: golfing, paragliding, biking, hiking, and snow activities. This often means a better environment. Their rich diversity of activities will never bore you.

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