Artistic and Practical!

Why don’t you experience making gold leaf decorations in Kanazawa,
the “home” of Kinpaku, boasting a 99% share of the domestic market?


Hello, I’m Caroline from England! Today I’m here at “Kanazawa Katani”, a gold leaf shop, to experience making gold leaf (Kinpaku) decorations! In this experience, yc_kinpaku-2212-2 のコピー.psdou are able to choose what you want to decorate. I opted for a mirror as a present for my mother.

Before everything, an instructor explained the decorating process and showed some samples. Now it’s my turn to explain my experience! For starters, I stuck a couple of pre-cut stickers (I selected square ones) onto the mirror to apply proper balance of the layout, and then put on some glue inside the square. Then, I picked c_kinpaku-2185.jpgup a gold leaf with bamboo tweezers and covered each sticker with it. This step is quite tricky, because gold leaf is very thin (1/10,000 mm thick, almost transparent!). Once the leaf was taken off the stickers, the gold squares were revealed. I added a few finishing touches with gold powc_kinpaku-2187.jpgder on the surface of the mirror. Well, this is fairly well done, isn’t it? I may have made a few mistakes, but I’m sure my mom will be happy with the result!


Kanazawa Katani
6-33, Shimoshin-Cho / Map
Phone: 076-231-1566
Open: 9:00-17:00 Open everyday
Fee: Small plate ¥900〜 (includes gold leaf and other materials)
Estimated time: 40 minutes

*Gold leaf doesn’t come off since coating is added.
*Reservations required, but if you just turn up they will slot you in a time.
*For reservations in languages other than Japanese,

please e-mail us. e-mail address: