A skilled chef in Kanazawa
names one of the best and recommended restaurants.


Sushi Chef Mr. Otobe’s Favorite Japanese Lunch

Sushi Asanogawa Chef: Tomokazu Otobe

Lunch: ¥1,000
Since there are only four seats at the counter and six seats at the table, it is best to make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

Hibi Sakanazuki Toboku
(1-6 Konohanamachi) / Phone: 050-3467-1908

Chef Otobe regularly visits and eats at Hibi Sakanazuki Toboku, a small Japanese restaurant only a 7-minute walk from Kanazawa Station. Young chef Toboku, who trained both at home and abroad, utilizes his talents there. The two chefs had once worked together at a restaurant in Kanazawa City before pursuing different career paths; but one day, they ran into each other in the city. Chef Toboku said, “The best treat is not expensive fish, but rather the catches landed in the morning at a local fishing port.” He is so particular about seafood caught off the Sea of Japan that he once went onto a fishing boat to see set-netting. The lunch recommended by Chef Otobe is composed of 10 different small dishes to accompany rice and miso soup. A great deal of time and effort is spent mainly to prepare a variety of fish dishes such as sashimi and grilled fish. You can enjoy an authentic Japanese meal, which tastes delicious, looks beautiful and is well-balanced. For a typical Japanese set menu, all of the dishes are served at the same time, and rice always plays a central part in the meal. Japanese dishes are designed to complement rice perfectly. Toboku’s restaurant is also particular about rice and cooks it in an old-fashioned pot over an open fire. Don’t hesitate to order an extra serving of rice and miso soup, free of charge. Rice is served with a thin crust of slightly browned rice at the bottom of the pot, and miso soup contains a variety of ingredients for you to enjoy a seasonal taste.